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Presence of  our product have got appreciation of our customers because have benefit to increase their health. Kami, pihak manajemen Herbal Life Indonesia (HLI) 

Our appreciation for customers, WE  ASSURE THAT OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100%  PURE  HERB

All of our products  are manufacturing price. 



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Garlic (singel Tuber of Garlic)

Empricical that the Garlic especialy called by singel tuber of Garlic have added significance  than tuber of its mother. The singel tuber of garlic have potent to solve diseases of embolism causing hypertension and stroke, also bacteria cause of tuberculosis. Available in piece of capsule.  More >>

Mangstan (fruit hide of mangistan)

Antioksidan, also heart disease, renal, stroke, latter for recovery of HIV/AID, and many diseases can be cured by this herb.  More >>

Moringa Oleifera

Leaf of moringa oleifrra have exetremely effective to cure and help healing for diabetes Millitus (DM) which the result have been researd and clinic testing . More >>


Leaf of soursop (Annona muricata l.  have result to fight tumor and cancers such as breast cancer, serviks, and other cancers. More >>

Herbal Life Indonesia sebuah coorporate yang menyediakan herbal dengan 100% bahan tunggal murni baik berupa kemasan botol, serbuk, maupun simpisia, Jaminan 100% murni dan tersedia berbagai jenis produk seperti kulit buah manggis, kelor, daun sirsak dan lainnya. Selengkapnya













Dear customers,

Thanks so much for your trust  so far to use and consumume our herbs.  Based on thus we give appreciation for you in supplying  herbs have high-grade and  keep  purity of our herbs. We have also  a  commitment to supply pure herbs in 100% unicameral  of  herb-stuff   (without synthentic material) . So the herbs will be  secure to be consumed '

Our main goal is  you will be secure to concumes our herbs, all at once will bring to increase your health  in safe.

Again, thanks so much on your trust.




Herbal Life Indonesia

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